Prayer Journal

October 2015:

This Week:

Rudy is going to Santa Cruz to work with their travel papers.  Please pray that God will open the doors so that they will get this done soon.

IMG-20150930-WA0004 RWe plan to go to a colony with a visiting couple from Paraguay.  This visit is to fellowship with the people and have bible study with a family who is open to this.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will move in the hearts of the colony people and the leaders.

We will be doing street ministry in Santa Cruz.  Please pray for us that we will be able to bring the gospel to the people of that city.

Wilma will be teaching and couselling at Gia de Pas.  Rudy will continue to work on the mission houses.  Then he has work to complete on the sound equipment at church.  Please pray for safety and unity among the workers.

Wilma has is also doing counselling on whatsapp with the ladies from the community. Please pray for wisdom as Wilma deals with very unpleasant problems.

Future:  Rudy and Wilma plan to go back to continue to bring the gospel to some of the colonies that they visited in September.  Please pray that the colony people will have open hearts for the gospel.  Please pray for wisdom, courage, and strength as they go.

Thank you kindly for praying for us.