Church Mission Trip

Preparing materials for the Mission Trip

Preparing materials for the Mission Trip

This is the week of our church mission trip. Our home base is a church about half an hour from the colony where we will minister.
On the first day we began with a few hours of training and prayer. Our pastor and mission team leader helped to prepare us by giving us a course on how we spread the gospel to the people in these colonies. We have prayed and continue to pray that God will open doors and hearts to His gospel.
In the afternoon we went to the colony to reach out to these people. The first while we were pleasantly surprised at the openness to hearing the gospel and accepting bibles and children’s scripture materials. However, as we expected there were those who were very closed to the message and turned us away. This afternoon we visited 25 families and were able to give Low-German bibles to 31 people.
We did not get back to our hotel until after dark.
We will continue with the visits throughout the week.

IMG_2187 (Medium)Please pray:
• For courage, strength and wisdom for the team.
• For the Holy Spirit to open the hearts of the oppressed people in the colonies.
• For health as we continue our ministry.
• For our 2nd team that is ministering to another colony about 300 km from here.

God is at Work

God is at ​w​​ork​,​

About one and​ a​ half year ago we went for the first time to ​Colony ​Charagua to distribute low German bibles. On a trip like that we have many experiences. One was, we came to one family where the father was not interested and the mother didn’t want to chat with us, but a fifteen old young man showed interest in what we had to share. As I was opening the bible and sharing the plan of salvation with him his mom came around the corner. I looked up and said: “I am about to bless your son with a bible. I am sure its ok with you?” She said: “We have enough books to read.” I explained; “This is the road map to heaven. You want your son get to heaven right?” So I was allowed to bless him with the bible. About eight months later we went the second time to finish the villages we had not been at the first time. As we got to the Missionary couple on Monday morning a young Mennonite man was hiding in their house. On Sunday night he and his friend had been stopped by two fathers and beaten them badly because these two young men were driving peacefully on their horse and buggy and had been listening to music. We never heard from this man again. Two weeks ago here in our village was a new young man. He said: “I am 17 years old. I planned for one year how to escape the colony. About six month ago, on a Sunday afternoon, I packed one pair of cloths and fled from Charagua. I have not been back since.” Rudy asked: ”Are you the young man that got beaten up and was hiding at the Missionary couple?” “Yes it was me,” he replied. He looked at me and said: “You gave me once a bible.” We were touched when we heard that it was he with whom I had insisted that he needed a road map to heaven. From then on he had been reading the bible every night for two to three hours (with light of a flashlight). When his parents found out they took the bible away from him. He went to his parents and said: Until I get my bible back I won’t be reading anything else and handed the parents a few High German books they had given him to read. He never got his bible back. He has accepted Christ into his life and is a fine young man. PRAISE GOD!! Psalm 34:1,2,3 says, I will extol the Lord at all times, HIS praise will always be on my lips. My soul will boast in the Lord. Let the afflicted hear and rejoice. Glorify the Lord with me ,let us exalt HIS name together .